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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Sudigadu 2012 Telugu Movie Torrent 43

The film's protagonist Vikram, who played three different roles in the film, became a popular target for spoofing by other comedians in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. One of the most notable spoofs was done by Vadivelu in the Tamil film Aaru (2005), where he imitated all three characters of Vikram and also sang four songs from the original film's soundtrack album in a hilarious manner.[177][178] The Telugu version of the film, Aparichitudu, was also parodied by several comedians, such as Venu Madhav, who mimicked Vikram's mannerisms and dialogues in the films Chatrapati (2005) and Seenugadu Chiranjeevi Fan (2005).[179][180] Another Telugu film, Rajababu (2006), made fun of both Aparichitudu and Chandramukhi, another blockbuster film starring Rajinikanth that was released in the same year as Anniyan.[181] In 2010, a Tamil film called Thamizh Padam, which was a full-length spoof on the clichÃs and stereotypes of Tamil cinema, featured a scene where the lead actor Shiva tried to recreate the "Anthakoopam" punishment scene from Anniyan, where he attempted to make a group of buffaloes run over a villain, but failed miserably.[182][183] This scene was later copied by Allari Naresh in Sudigadu (2012), which was an official remake of Thamizh Padam in Telugu.[184][185] Another Kannada film, Yaare Koogadali (2012), which was a remake of the Tamil film Poraali (2011), showed the lead actor Puneeth Rajkumar sporting a long and messy hairstyle that was reportedly inspired by Vikram's look as Anniyan in the original film.[186] The character Remo, who was one of Vikram's alter egos in Anniyan, also inspired another Tamil film to have the same name in 2016, starring Sivakarthikeyan as a cross-dressing nurse.[187][188] 0efd9a6b88

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