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Jacques Bourboulon Tiny Angelsl

How Jacques Bourboulon Captured the Essence of Tiny Angels

Jacques Bourboulon is a French photographer who is famous for his artistic portraits of young girls, often referred to as "tiny angels". His work has been praised for its aesthetic quality, its sensitivity and its originality. But how did he manage to create such captivating images? What are the secrets behind his tiny angels?

Jacques Bourboulon Tiny Angelsl

The Inspiration of Jacques Bourboulon

Jacques Bourboulon was born in 1946 in Paris. He started his career as a fashion photographer, working for magazines such as Elle and Vogue. However, he soon realized that he was more interested in capturing the beauty of nature and the innocence of childhood. He was inspired by the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites, a group of artists who sought to revive the style and spirit of medieval art. They often depicted young women in natural settings, with an emphasis on realism and detail.

Jacques Bourboulon decided to follow their example and create his own vision of tiny angels. He traveled around the world, looking for locations that would suit his style. He preferred places that had a sense of history and mystery, such as ancient ruins, castles, churches and gardens. He also looked for models who had a natural charm and grace, who could express their emotions and personality through their poses and expressions.

The Technique of Jacques Bourboulon

Jacques Bourboulon used a medium format camera, which allowed him to capture more details and nuances than a standard 35mm camera. He also used natural light as much as possible, avoiding artificial flash or filters. He wanted to preserve the authenticity and spontaneity of his subjects and their surroundings. He often waited for the right moment to take a shot, when the light was just perfect or when the model had a certain look in her eyes.

Jacques Bourboulon also paid attention to the composition and framing of his images. He used elements such as flowers, trees, water, rocks and architecture to create contrast and harmony with his models. He also experimented with different angles and perspectives, sometimes shooting from above or below, or using reflections or shadows to create interesting effects. He always tried to find a balance between simplicity and complexity, between realism and fantasy.

The Legacy of Jacques Bourboulon

Jacques Bourboulon has been recognized as one of the most influential and original photographers of his genre. His work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums around the world, and has been published in several books and magazines. He has also inspired many other artists who have followed his footsteps and explored the theme of tiny angels in their own way.

However, Jacques Bourboulon's work has also been controversial and criticized by some people who have accused him of exploiting and sexualizing his models. He has defended himself by saying that he never intended to offend or harm anyone, and that he always respected his models and their parents. He has also argued that his work is not pornographic, but artistic and poetic, and that it celebrates the beauty and innocence of childhood.

The Future of Jacques Bourboulon

Jacques Bourboulon is still active and passionate about his work. He continues to travel and photograph new models and locations, always looking for new ways to express his vision and creativity. He also plans to publish a new book that will showcase his latest works and his evolution as an artist.

Jacques Bourboulon hopes that his work will continue to inspire and touch people who appreciate his art and his message. He also hopes that his work will help to preserve the memory and the magic of his tiny angels, who have grown up and moved on with their lives.


Jacques Bourboulon is a remarkable photographer who has created a unique and captivating style of portraying young girls as tiny angels. His work is a blend of art and poetry, of realism and fantasy, of simplicity and complexity. His work is also a reflection of his inspiration, his technique and his legacy. His work is not without controversy, but it is undeniable that he has made a significant contribution to the world of photography and art. Jacques Bourboulon's tiny angels are more than just images, they are expressions of beauty and innocence that will last forever. d282676c82

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