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Bercakap Dengan Jin Tamar Jalis Pdf 15: A Review Of The 15th Volume Of The Popular Malay Horror Series ((INSTALL))

Bercakap Dengan Jin Tamar Jalis Pdf 15: A Review of the 15th Volume of the Popular Malay Horror Series

Bercakap Dengan Jin (Talking with the Jinn) is a series of supernatural horror thriller novels written by Tamar Jalis, a pseudonym of Mohd Nor Khalid, a famous Malaysian cartoonist. The series was first published in Variasari, a Malay magazine that deals with the occult and the paranormal, in 1981. The series consists of 24 volumes, each containing several short stories based on the author's personal experiences and encounters with the jinn, ghosts, demons and other creatures of the night.

Bercakap Dengan Jin Tamar Jalis Pdf 15: A Review of the 15th Volume of the Popular Malay Horror Series

The 15th volume of the series, published in 2012, contains seven stories that continue the adventures of Tamar Jalis and his grandfather, Kulup Muhamad Diah, a traditional healer and exorcist who travels around Perak to help people who are afflicted by evil spirits. The stories are:

  • Bab 194: Terapung Diatas Kubur (Floating Above the Grave)

  • Bab 195: Terkapar Dipangkal Pokok (Lying at the Base of a Tree)

  • Bab 196: Dikejar Ulat Bangkai (Chased by Maggots)

  • Bab 197: Rahsia 4 Peti Hitam (The Secret of the Four Black Coffins)

  • Bab 198: Terkapar Dihalaman Rumah (Lying in the Yard)

  • Bab 199: Mahluk Halus Dalam Darah (The Invisible Creature in the Blood)

  • Bab 200: Berakhirnya Sebuah Kutukan (The End of a Curse)

The stories are full of suspense, horror, mystery and humor, as Tamar Jalis and his grandfather encounter various kinds of supernatural beings and phenomena, such as a floating corpse, a cursed tree, a haunted house, a vampire bat, a tiger spirit and a blood-sucking worm. The stories also reflect the author's knowledge and interest in Malay folklore, culture and history, as well as his witty and sarcastic style of writing.

Bercakap Dengan Jin Tamar Jalis Pdf 15 is a must-read for fans of Malay horror fiction and for those who are curious about the world of the jinn and the occult. The book is available in ebook format from various online sources[^1^] [^2^].

Bercakap Dengan Jin is one of the most popular and influential Malay horror series in Malaysia. The series has sold over a million copies and has been adapted into various media, such as comics, radio dramas, television shows and movies. The series has also inspired many other Malay horror writers and storytellers, such as Ujang, Azizi Haji Abdullah, Zint and Ariff Adly.

Tamar Jalis is the pen name of Mohd Nor Khalid, who is better known as Lat, the creator of the iconic comic strip Kampung Boy. Lat started writing Bercakap Dengan Jin as a hobby and a way to express his fascination with the supernatural and the paranormal. He based his stories on his childhood memories of following his grandfather, who was a bomoh (shaman), around rural Perak. He also incorporated elements of Malay folklore, culture and history into his stories, creating a rich and unique world of horror and fantasy.

Bercakap Dengan Jin Tamar Jalis Pdf 15 is a testament to the creativity and imagination of Tamar Jalis, who has been writing the series for over 30 years. The stories are not only entertaining and scary, but also educational and insightful, as they explore the beliefs and traditions of the Malay people and their relationship with the unseen realm. The stories also showcase the author's humor and wit, as he often makes fun of himself and his characters in his narration. 04f6b60f66

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