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Review: Mastering The Mix – BASSROOM v1.0.3

Review: Mastering The Mix â BASSROOM v1.0.3

BASSROOM is a plugin that aims to help you achieve a balanced and powerful low-end in your mixes. It is designed by Mastering The Mix, a company that specializes in creating tools and courses for music production and mastering.

Mastering The Mix – BASSROOM v1.0.3 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WiN.OSX x86 x64

BASSROOM works as a final insert on your master channel, or as a send effect on individual tracks or buses. It analyzes the frequency spectrum of your audio and suggests target curves based on six genres: Hip Hop, Pop, EDM, Rock, Jazz and Orchestral. You can also load your own reference tracks and match their low-end curves.

The plugin has five bands that cover the sub-bass, bass, low-mid, mid and high-mid frequencies. Each band has a solo button, a gain knob and a target icon that shows you how much you need to boost or cut to reach the ideal curve. You can also adjust the Q factor and the frequency range of each band by dragging the edges of the curves.

BASSROOM has a simple and intuitive interface that shows you the frequency spectrum of your audio in real time, as well as the target curve and your adjustments. You can switch between three views: Basic, Advanced and Targets. The Basic view shows you only the gain knobs and the target icons, while the Advanced view adds the Q factor and the frequency range controls. The Targets view lets you choose the genre or load your own reference track.

BASSROOM is a plugin that can help you improve your low-end mixing skills and achieve more balanced and powerful bass in your music. It is easy to use and offers useful feedback and guidance. It is compatible with VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats for Windows and Mac systems.

To use BASSROOM, you need to insert it on your master channel or on a track or bus that you want to process. Then, you need to choose the genre that best suits your music from the Targets view, or load your own reference track. BASSROOM will analyze your audio and show you the target curve for your low-end. You can then adjust the gain knobs of each band to match the target curve, or tweak them according to your taste. You can also change the Q factor and the frequency range of each band by dragging the edges of the curves. You can solo each band to hear how it affects your audio, and use the bypass button to compare your processed and unprocessed signals.

BASSROOM is not a magic plugin that will fix your low-end problems automatically. It is a tool that can help you make better decisions and learn from your reference tracks. You still need to use your ears and judgement to achieve the best results. BASSROOM can also be used in combination with other plugins, such as EQs, compressors and limiters, to further shape and enhance your low-end.

BASSROOM is available for purchase from the Mastering The Mix website for $59. You can also download a free 15-day trial version to test it out before buying. BASSROOM requires an iLok account for activation, but you don't need a physical iLok dongle. e0e6b7cb5c

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