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How to Play Arcade Games on Your PC with DEMUL 0.5.6

How to Play Arcade Games on Your PC with DEMUL 0.5.6

If you are a fan of classic arcade games, you might want to try playing them on your PC using an emulator. An emulator is a software that mimics the hardware and software of another system, allowing you to run games that were not designed for your PC. One of the best emulators for arcade games is DEMUL, which can run games from the Dreamcast, Naomi, Atomiswave, and Hikaru systems.

In this article, we will show you how to download and configure DEMUL 0.5.6, as well as how to get a ROM pack that contains hundreds of arcade games that you can play with this emulator.

What is DEMUL?

DEmul is a closed-source emulator for Windows that supports Windows CE games. It was developed by a team of Russian programmers who took over from Chankast, another Dreamcast emulator that was abandoned. DEmul can emulate games not just for Dreamcast, but also for the Atomiswave and NAOMI systems, which are arcade platforms based on the same hardware as the Dreamcast.


DEmul is known for its high compatibility and accuracy, as well as its support for various graphical enhancements and plugins. However, it also requires a powerful PC and a Dreamcast BIOS file to run properly.

How to Download and Configure DEMUL 0.5.6

The first step to play arcade games on your PC with DEMUL is to download the emulator itself. You can do that by visiting this page and clicking on the green Download button. The emulator downloads as a .rar file, which is a compressed archive that you need to extract with a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Once you have extracted the files, you will see a folder called Demul 0.5.6 (or something similar). Inside this folder, you will find several files and sub-folders, such as plugins, roms, snaps, etc. The file that you need to run the emulator is called demul.exe.

Before you run the emulator, you need to copy your Dreamcast BIOS file into the roms sub-folder. The BIOS file is a system file that contains the basic information and settings of the Dreamcast console. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with this file directly, as it is copyrighted by Sega. However, you can search for it online using the name "". This zip file should contain four files:

  • 1_01d_01.bin

  • 1_01d_02.bin

  • 1_004_01.bin

  • 1_011_01.bin

You don't need to extract these files from the zip archive, just copy the whole zip file into the roms sub-folder.

Now you are ready to run demul.exe and configure the emulator. When you do this for the first time, an error message will appear saying that BIOS & Plugins are not configured. The emulator will take you directly to the configuration window, where you can adjust various options according to your preferences and system specifications.

The most important options are:

  • Video Plugin: You have two choices here, gpuDX10 and gpuDX11. As you might have guessed, gpuDX10 will work on DirectX 10 graphics hardware, while gpuDX11 will only work on hardware that is DirectX 11 capable. DirectX 11 mode works better in some games, but can be more demanding on hardware and is not supported by all graphics cards. It is probably worth selecting if your PC can handle it.

GD-ROM Plugin: This is the plugin that emulates the disc drive of the Dreamcast or arcade system. You have three choices here: gdrCHD, gdrDemul and gdrImage. Typically you will use gdrImage, which is compatible 29c81ba772

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